My true colors.


Some huge, terrible things have happened to me this week. Some people drink too much when they go through a crisis. Some run out and buy cars and designer shoes that they can’t afford. Some make very bad relational decisions. I go to Dan West Garden Center and impulsively pick up an eight-dollar gardenia bush without knowing where I’m going to plant it. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. THIS IS WHO I AM. THIS IS HOW I ROLL.

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5 Responses to My true colors.

  1. Jessica says:

    Your method of coping is very concerning! ;)

    Those look really pretty–nice shape! And I see they are named after you. :) Keep me far away from them and they should bloom nicely!

  2. Caroline says:

    Can’t wait to see where you decide to plant it. Love you!

  3. milissa says:

    Boo to bad, terrible things. Yay for pretty flowers that you apparently have a talent for keeping alive. (Unlike me…I’ve killed “plants that never die.” ha.) Thinking about you. Hugs.

  4. bluiis says:

    Flowers are a pretty good coping measure!

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