A little materialism.

It’s Tax Free Weekend in Tennessee! Due to prior commitments, I won’t be able to hit the stores until Sunday. I generally try to avoid shopping on Sundays, and I don’t really need anything fashion-wise. But as high as our sales tax is, I can never pass this up. Plus there are some great end-of-summer sales right now.

I’m hoping to hit my shoe paradise, DSW ($5 off birthday coupon!!), and J. Crew to see if they have this clearance ensemble:

navytank jcrewskirt

I love little casual skirts and would like more to wear in lieu of shorts on the weekends. (I’d like to try this sewing pattern, without the pockets, but shirring is too advanced for me. Right now I can’t do much more than sew a straight line after my mom loads the machine for me.)

Then I’ll go to the mall to check out Express, JCPenney, and the new accessories place, Charming Charlie’s. I’m looking forward to it! :) Anyone else have tax-free weekend plans?

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9 Responses to A little materialism.

  1. Eileen says:

    I could only wish for a tax free weekend… Super cute outfit though!

  2. Jessica says:

    That skirt and shirt are so cute!

  3. eattheolives says:

    My state is having a tax-free weekend too … but I’m going to be out of town for the weekend. =\

  4. You will LOVE Charming Charlie! We’ve got one here at Renaissance and I’ve gotten tons of cute earrings and bracelets there!

  5. If I can get my work and chores done, I might be up for joining you some on Sunday! I wanted to go shopping some, but this week has been really busy. When on Sunday were you wanting to go?

  6. starandseen says:

    I wish California had tax free weekend! Tax in my county is 9.75%. It’s Linda from LJ, by the way.

  7. Andrew says:

    So cute! I hope you got it! Random thought for you and your cute little figure in that cute little outfit – have you ever thought about yoga teacher training? Check out this link…https://www.yogafit.com This is who I trained with and I love it. I’m teaching MW 9:30-10:30 so it you’re ever off, come see me!

  8. Brenda says:

    Betsy, I actually have thought about it before. Thanks for the info. :) Are you still teaching at the church?

  9. bluiis says:

    I love that outfit! I hope you can find it (or something similar)!

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