Stopping to paint the pumpkins.


Today my company had a lunchtime Fall Festival, with games and a homemade-soup contest (or free hamburgers if you didn’t want soup). I had intended to eat quickly and then hurry across the lot for my usual Wednesday workout, but I dawdled around with some nice co-workers. Then, on my way out, I saw a pumpkin-painting station. The combination of pumpkins, crafts, and sunshine, in the middle of a workday, was irresistible.

Bottom line: I did not exercise today. And I’m okay with it.

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3 Responses to Stopping to paint the pumpkins.

  1. Jessica says:

    That looks fun! I’ve never painted a pumpkin before. :)

  2. kiwiria says:

    Ha! Oh, that’s cute! :)

  3. bluiis says:

    Your pumpkin is adorable! Glad you had a relaxing lunch. :)

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