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Having curly hair means that you’re constantly subject to the whims of hair-product companies. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve found something great that works, only for it to be discontinued, reformulated, repackaged in a smaller container at a higher price (Pantene = public offender #1), or some combination of the above. So, like most curly-haired women, I’m always on the lookout for recommendations because I will always need a backup product.


Ouidad is the queen of curly hair. I’ve gotten her patented “carve and slice” cut twice, and it’s undoubtedly the best cut I’ve ever had. (Then I faced the reality that I couldn’t keep flying to Ft. Lauderdale and shelling out over $100 for a haircut. I’ve been going to Susan Harris at Gould’s Cordova ever since. She is amazing!) Ouidad’s products are wonderful too. I used the Climate Control gel and the Botanical Boost conditioning spray for a long time, and they’re now available at Sephora, which makes them much easier to get. Still, they’re pretty expensive. So when my last bottle of gel ran out, I tried this instead…


After hearing about Biosilk for years, I snatched up a bottle of their Glazing Gel from the deep clearance section at Kroger. It’s a worthy replacement for the Climate Control – really helps with curl formation without too much crunch, and smells great! I only use it on fresh hair, to establish a good anti-frizz “base,” so one bottle lasts me a long time.


Tresemme Bouncing Curls has been my go-to gel for many years. It holds well without major buildup or gunkiness. I’ve tried most moderately-priced gels currently on the market, and this is consistently the best for me.

On top of this, I need a finishing spray gel too. I’d used Pantene’s spray gel since college, through all its incarnations, but they completely eliminated it a while back. Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray Gel has been my constant companion ever since.


My favorite conditioner is Marc Anthony Strictly Curls lotion. I get it at Ulta, but I think it’s also available at Walgreens. Just a small amount on clean hair makes my curls silky and consistent. Plus I can entertain myself by imagining the other Marc Anthony (i.e. Mr. J.Lo) acting all Vidal Sassoon.


Finally, my friend Laura told me about this Organix Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner, and I’m about to finish off my second bottles. It’s moisturizing, natural, and smells so good that you’ll want a pina colada or coconut cream pie immediately.

Straight-haired readers, consider this post a thankfulness reminder for all the money and time you save!

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