Thanksgiving 2010

I spent this Thanksgiving weekend in Miami with my mom, grandparents, uncle, and assorted cousins. My mom and sister had gone there for the past four or five Thanksgivings while I stayed in Memphis with my dad, brother, and then-husband and siblings-in-law. This year, my dad and brother left on Thanksgiving Day for a hunting trip, and my sister was with her in-laws, so Miami was the only option if I didn’t want to be alone.

It was my first Thanksgiving in Miami since I lived there, and a difficult one not only for my obvious reasons, but also because it was the first one without my great-Aunt Betsy, who died suddenly in June. I’m told she used to rule the roost and prepare everything on Thanksgiving. So it was a subdued holiday for all the relatives, but we were glad to see each other. My grandfather ordered a turkey from an (awesome) Italian grocery, and other relatives brought all the side dishes, so I didn’t have to prepare anything. I tried to see it as a nice break, but it felt so wrong not to be cooking on Thanksgiving!

2010tgmiami (12)

I was able to spend some time on a boat, thanks to my cousin Kim and her family!

2010tgmiami (7)
(my distinguished-looking grandfather)

2010tgmiami (13)

I got to have lunch with Kristi, who’s been my friend since kindergarten. We’ve kept in touch all these years and she might visit me soon!

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One night we were invited to the apartment of one of my uncle’s business associates. She lives on the 29th floor of a building near Hollywood Beach, with a full view of the city on one side and the ocean on the other! It was amazing, but I had to stay back from the railing – heights are making me more nervous as I get older.

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On Sunday, my mom, uncle, and I went to Hollywood Beach (my favorite beach as a kid) to ride bikes! I felt Severely Irritated at not seeing the ocean after several days in Miami, so finally getting to the beach was a huge relief. We rode several miles up to Dania Pier and then back to Hollywood. It was a satisfying ocean communion time.

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second star to the right

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  1. Ouidad Blog says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Looks like you ended up having a great Thanksgiving in Miami. What beautiful photos! I agree about the who not-cooking thing, it feels odd… but so great at the same time! :-D

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