Merry mail.


This is my 2010 Christmas card! I love it. I designed on and ordered from Shutterfly this year. I figured I’d have more than enough cards, so I just breezed through my address book instead of making a list. Of course, this uncharacteristic lack of planning resulted in my running out of cards before running out of recipients. So if you didn’t get a card from me and feel you should have, I hereby apologize and present it in digital form.

Shutterfly was running a promotion where bloggers could post a picture of their card and get a code for 50 more cards free! But I kept forgetting to do it, and now it’s expired. Plus you had to order the cards by tomorrow, and I was planning to redeem them for next year’s cards. So I don’t know why I’m giving them this free publicity now. But whatev.

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  1. Fayelle says:

    this is a GREAT card! beautiful collection of photos!

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