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I finally started scrapbooking again! I used to be very into scrapbooking, but haven’t been in the mood for a long time. This week I had the shocking realization that my main reason for not scrapbooking is cleanliness. Isn’t that sad when I have an ENTIRE ROOM just for crafty purposes? It never feels worth it to take out all the supplies I need, do one or two pages, and then put it all away. Ideally, organized better than it was when I found it.

I have this mindset that, with no one messing up my house, there’s no excuse for not keeping things in pristine condition at all times. I do like it that way. But I need to stop “curating my domestic museum” and live once in a while. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone comes over unexpectedly and sees one room NOT looking like a catalog? Or I have to spend a little time tidying up before company comes?

So I’m trying something crazy. Instead of putting everything neatly away from scrapbooking the other day, I left it out. The next night, when I had an hour or so and was in the mood for more scrapbooking, I picked up where I left off… and took out more stuff and left that out too. I felt so free and rebellious! Caution to the wind! Creativity unlocked! Imperfection embraced!

Besides, most of the stuff for my garage sale is stacked up in that room anyway.

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3 Responses to Roam About the Craft Room

  1. R says:

    You and I might make a good balance for each other. I tend to usually leave stuff out when I’m mid-project and even after the project is finished. It drives me crazy though! I need to get better about maybe trying to keep more rooms put together instead of letting “projects” take over the entire house! Keeping the mess to a single room (or two) would probably help me relax when I do have a surprise visitor.

  2. You are too funny. I’m the same way as R- I leave my projects out during and often after their completion. If I know I have to spend the extra effort of getting everything out, I’m far less likely to work on my projects! However, sometimes I get used to the mess, and that’s a dangerous place to be as well, haha.

  3. Fayelle says:

    YES- I totally miss out on craftiness because I can’t leave stuff out now. It’s sad!

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