Wild On Wednesday: Mash-Ups

Lauren often encourages other bloggers to join her in Wild On Wednesday, so I’m participating this week! (WOW is specifically for discussing things you’re currently wild about.)

I’ve written a lot of materialistic posts lately, so rather than harp on another product I love, or more pretty clothes, I want to talk about something intangible that gives me deep satisfaction: musical mash-ups. I’ve always loved making mix CDs for friends and/or specific occasions. Mash-ups take that innate mix sense to the next level. It’s an art, really – taking two independent entities that shouldn’t go together and bringing them into harmony. (Sort of like marriage!) The more diverse the mashed artists, the more impressed I am. When I hear a great mash-up, I feel like two little puzzle pieces have snapped together in my soul.

The annual mash-up episode of Glee aired last night, so this topic was already on my mind. Then this morning, I heard this song on the radio – the DJ took note of it recently when he watched Just Go With It. It’s The Police mashed with Snow Patrol (and if I like it, you know it was done well, because I think Snow Patrol is sooo overrated).

Every Car You Chase

Of course, the band Rock Sugar owes its existence to mash-ups:

Don’t Stop the Sandman

I know there are a bunch of other great ones out there, but I can’t think of more examples! There’s also the sub-genre of mash-up medleys. My two all-time favorites:

40 Songs, 4 Chords (there are a few versions of this floating around – warning, language at either end)

Jimmy Fallon sings hits of the 80’s over “U Can’t Touch This”

Do you love mash-ups too? Recommend your favorites!

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3 Responses to Wild On Wednesday: Mash-Ups

  1. bluiis says:

    Those were great, but I loved the third one!!

  2. Marie says:

    Hahahaha! Those were awesome. The first one especially. Wow.

  3. These are great! Thanks for joining our WOW posts!

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