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Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. And on HIS birthday, he was happy to take me to the big Memphis/UT game. He won free tickets at work… we definitely got our money’s worth. :)
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This was the Tigers’ second game against UT this season – we already (barely) beat them at the Maui Invitational. Usually there are a lot of turncoats in the house at these rivalry matchups, but last night the Forum was a sea of blue. The atmosphere was amazing.
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I knew from the warm-up that it would be a good game. The players were clearly, as my brother would say, “jacked.” :) Even I’ve had to admit that the Tigers have been playing sloppy for weeks, and the defense has left a lot to be desired. But last night they played like the team we all knew they could be, wiping the floor with UT, 69-51.
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As far as I’m concerned, no matter what happens from here, the season has been redeemed. I’m happy I got to share such an awesome experience with my dad!
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Sorry for the blurriness… I just hate using flash. :)

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