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I put up an “inspiration wall” in my cubicle this week! It’s basically made up of happy photos and inspiring things I saw on Pinterest. I got the idea about a month ago, but kept forgetting to print everything and have the non-photos laminated (necessary, since this is a flip cabinet that I use a lot). I didn’t overload the space, since I know I’ll want to add to it in the future. My current favorite wall item (and daily mantra):
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(Seriously, I’ve NEVER known so many pregnant women in my life. I need to plan some new mom dinner recipes for April through July!)
More substance coming tomorrow…

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6 Responses to Inspiration Wall

  1. bluiis says:

    I love it! And Barney’s always hilarious. :)

  2. Marie says:

    I totally have that “I’m just getting more awesome” posted at my desk, too. :D

  3. daniak says:

    This is a great idea!!

  4. Myla says:

    I saw a quote I loved that’s similar to the “Mistakes” one: “Failure is success if you learn something from it” I really liked this, since I tend to view myself thru a Pass/Fail lens

  5. I LOVE THIS. You are so awesome.

    And ditto with the pregnancy thing! It’s crazy! 90% of the married people I know were clearly getting it on last summer.

    Hey, since I’ve been married for a while and hope to never get pregnant, can I just get more awesome too? ;o)

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