Another Nashville Visit

Last weekend I went to Nashville for Debra’s birthday! I even took Friday (her actual birthday) off and drove up early. The extra time made a huge difference – I usually get there late after a day of work on Friday, or go up on Saturday morning. We were able to do a lot, considering she has an almost-three-week-old baby!

We got much needed pedicures…

debsbd2012 (6)

…painted cats at The Wine & Easel (not using the recommended colors – we’re rebels!!)…

debsbd2012 (12)

debsbd2012 (14)

debsbd2012 (17)

…went to the Cheesecake Factory (always a special occasion in itself)…

debsbd2012 (20)

debsbd2012 (19)

…and of course, got in plenty of Niecy time!

sophia052012 (3)

sophia052012 (4) sophia052012 (7)

It had been months since Debra and I had any Hermanas Only time, so I’m especially thankful to Lance for inviting me and arranging for everything!

Niecy is a pretty well-behaved baby, and Debra and Lance are still taking everything in stride. I loved having some time with this little family without the rest of our family there. Lance handed Niecy and a bottle off to me within minutes of my arrival. :) I’m so happy to help take care of her, learn stuff, and exercise my dormant maternal instincts. I haven’t interacted regularly with a baby since my brother was one, and my inexperience makes me nervous and self-conscious with other people’s babies. So it’s wonderful to be a new aunt with nothing to prove!

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3 Responses to Another Nashville Visit

  1. charlieandlu says:

    Niecy is so cute! And you look so happy holding her. Glad you got some good hermana time in.

  2. Milissa says:

    I LOVE that Lance handed the baby and bottle to you when you arrived. That’s so sweet. I’m glad you got some sister time and aunt-ie time last weekend. I feel the same way around other people’s kiddos (a little nervous and self-conscious) but everything seems so natural when I’m around Mark’s kiddos. I wonder if that’s a result of the relationship I have with Mark (& Ash) ?!

  3. bluiis says:

    I’m glad you got some good time with Debra and the new baby! I love the pictures of you holding her. You look like a natural! :)

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