Friday Friends Moment

Most readers of this blog probably know that I’m a huge Friends fan. I’m re-connecting with the show lately – when I visited my sister a few weeks ago, we blew through two and a half DVDs of Season 5 (still my favorite!). Then, last weekend, Alanna and her roommate hosted a Friends party. We played two rounds of Friends Scene It and enjoyed a menu of meatball sandwiches and mac and cheese (for Joey), with cheesecake, muffins, and coffee for dessert. We decided to forgo the trifle with a layer of chipped beef with peas and onions. :)

Anyway, one of the Friends episodes I reference often is Alec Baldwin’s guest-starring episode as Parker, an overenthusiastic man who dates Phoebe. (Season 8, The One In Massapequa.) I’m randomly thinking about it today. I’ve realized that it’s so good because almost everyone knows someone like that character. I’m even related to a few people like him!

I can’t embed a clip, but you can watch one here. Next time you find yourself frazzled by an intensely enthused person, just exclaim, THIS ROOM! THIS NIGHT!!!

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10 Responses to Friday Friends Moment

  1. Jessica says:

    I thought it was Chandler who likes mac and cheese (with hot dogs cut up). :)

    I love that episode. I just went through the whole series recently, as you know, so it’s all fresh in my memory. “I lose, let’s play Jenga!”

  2. bluiis says:

    HAHAHA!! I’d completely forgotten that!

  3. Robbie says:

    Not sure what season it was, but I always like the episode where Joey breaks the fridge and tries to get everyone else to pay for it. I also like the one where Chandler gets measured for pants and realizes that Joey’s tailor doesn’t understand the concept of personal space, leaving Ross to exclaim ” Yes that is how they measure pants. In Prison! “. :)

  4. R says:

    I watched a lot of Friends back in the day — love — but I didn’t really get into the last couple seasons (life was different then). I don’t know that I’d ever seen that one with Mr. Baldwin. But thank you for the link to the clip. How hilarious. Now I want to go back and watch some!

    • Jessica says:

      R, you haven’t seen that one? Wow, that means you haven’t seen season 8, which is one of my favorite seasons (along with 5, like Brenda). So much funny! I should bring my DVDs on a visit and you can catch up a bit! There are some lame moments of 9 and 10 but overall it’s still worth a watch.

  5. Jessica says:

    Brenda, I just realized your layout allows for direct commenting! Is that just the layout or do you have some option marked on Blogger? Because mine’s still all one row! I think I’d like to respond directly sometimes.

    (Sorry for spamming your post!)

  6. Myla says:

    “What a fantastically well-lit hallway!” :)

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