Wild on Wednesday

Happy August – my birthday month! Here are the things I’m wild about right now (besides my new car):

Bunheads on ABC Family. I am CRAZY for this show about a dancer and former Vegas showgirl who finds herself helping to run a dance studio in small-town California. I still haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, but I’m told the dialogue and main components of Bunheads are just like it. This is the only series on TV right now that I look forward to watching regularly. My favorite scene so far involved a long conversation about layaway at Contempo Casuals.

Loft Eyelet Hem Skirt. I scored one of these (in black) for $15 before my NYC trip. I ended up not even taking it to New York, but it’s quickly becoming my favorite skirt at home. I wear it at least once a week. It’s cute, cool, and comfortable. I want to get another one while the getting is good!

The Olympics, of course.  I love the excitement, the surprises, the focus on sports that you don’t hear about at any other time, and cheering on Team USA and my other randomly-chosen favorite countries. :) The Olympics are basically an extended good cry for me. Every night I sit weeping quietly at all the medal ceremonies, even if I have no personal attachment to the competitors. The high concentration of people’s lifelong dreams coming true is just too much for me. I’m not kidding, I even got choked up typing that.

Last weekend I saw Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D with my friend Elizabeth. We were each other’s only friends who wanted to see it. :) I’ve felt a growing kinship with Katy since her divorce from Russell Brand, and this documentary/concert film sealed the deal. Like me, she grew up Pentecostal (there’s an old clip of her singing Crystal Lewis’s song “I Now Live,” which I listened to constantly as a teenager). Like me, she’s one of three kids and is close to her sister and younger brother, and considers herself a writer. Like me, she deeply loved a man who wasn’t equally invested in the relationship, and fought unsuccessfully to save her marriage. From what I’ve seen and heard over the years, I think she’s the real deal. I refuse to write her off as many other Christians have. It’s clear to me that she has a very loving heart, a God-given talent, and an amazing work ethic. Even if you don’t agree, the movie is great and surprisingly moving (in between fun songs).

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4 Responses to Wild on Wednesday

  1. daniak says:

    I love Bunheads…but what originally made me want to see it was my love of The Gilmore Girls(I never saw it when it was on the air but watched all 7 seasons during my six month unemployment time in 2010, and it was a major highlight of my day to get the next disc from Netflix in the mail. I highly recommend GG, especially if you’re enjoying Bunheads so much!

    I’m loving the Olympics…but I always do!

    Oh, and I’ve been wanting to see the Katy Perry movie but haven’t yet!

  2. Erin Perry says:

    I totally cry at the Olympics for the exact same reasons!

  3. bluiis says:

    I have been hearing so many good things about Bunheads! If it ever makes its way to Netflix, I’ll have to be sure to watch it.

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