Aunthood at Four Months

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Between the unexpected trip to Texas and the planned one to Nashville, I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with Niecy this month! She’s four months old now (gaining on five, really) and pretty much the best, cutest baby in the world. No bias, of course. :)


Last weekend I was present for her first experience in a jumpy/bouncy chair! She hasn’t quite figured out the bouncing part yet, but enjoys playing with her toys in the chair. I’m sure she’ll be a little jumping bean within the week.


Niecy has a happy, sociable temperament and likes visiting with everyone. On our trip to Texas, my dad played “race car driver” with her several times and she was enthralled.


She LOVES her Dolly. The joy on her face at every reunion with Dolly is hilarious and heartwarming. I think a backup is already being sought just in case. :)

Sophia and Otis

She and the family cat are currently about the same size. I had to document!

Being an aunt has already opened a new world to me. I’m not much practical help to my very capable sister and brother-in-law, but my confidence with babies has skyrocketed. I’ve always liked babies, but I used to feel very self-conscious around them. Or, more accurately, their moms. I felt like no one wanted some amateur childless woman interacting with their baby, or chiming in during mom conversations. Well, aunthood has brought that wall down. Now I have a baby in my own family and am learning a thing or two about the whole deal. Even though she’s not “mine,” I can understand and contribute to discussions a lot more. I have several friends who had babies right around the same time, and it’s fun to hear about them hitting different milestones together.

I’m determined not to be a cliche spinster aunt who acts like she’s the child’s mother. But I am really excited to be part of Niecy’s little life. :)

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7 Responses to Aunthood at Four Months

  1. bluiis says:

    She’s absolutely precious, and I can’t wait for the day I’m an aunt. :)

  2. Stacey says:

    You can talk to me about her anytime you want! Being an aunt is sooo fun especially when you get to spend a good amount of time with the kiddo(s).

  3. R says:

    I came to know about your blog from one of our kids’ aunts and she is seriously one of the best — mostly because she’s not a parent herself, so she’s not all worn out on kids. When she’s in town, our kids adore her and think she is just the funnest person around (and sometimes, I get an actual break while she entertains them).

    So I’m certain Niecy feels so blessed to have you as her aunt — full of energy and adoration for her!

  4. Milissa says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE being an aunt. It’s the BEST! :) As another aunt who also lives far away from her favorite little people, let me just suggest regular FaceTime appointments. If you can’t be there, it IS the next best thing. The kiddos LOVE our FaceTime appointments as much as I do…they see me, hear me, talk to me, giggle for me, show off for me ;)…I get my little people fix. It’s pretty awesome because they are used to seeing my face and hearing my voice and I think it just makes it so normal for them when I do get to physically see them. When they are super young, frequency matters…I know your distance isn’t as great as the distance I have, but I’m sure that there are stretches of time that you wish it was easier or even possible to just jump in the car and run over to favorite sister’s house…but that distance thing gets in the way. You should start now…make FaceTime dates with favorite sister so favorite niece gets used to seeing and hearing you that way too. FaceTime comes on the iphone 4S which I know you just ordered. You can also download the app (it does cost something…I can’t remember how much it is maybe $1.99, but it is totally worth it) and can be used on a mac or ipad or ipod touch…) I’m sure there is other brand equivalents but I’m pretty much an apple loyalist…(not even on purpose, it just happened) so wouldn’t know how to help if it isn’t an apple product.

    It’s also really cool to call your other long-distance loved ones on FaceTime. ;)

    • :) Our family already has semi-regular video chats! We also became an Apple family sort of by accident. My parents have had major technical difficulties with iChat lately, but Debra and I have FaceTime, so we can use that. I’m very thankful to get to see her and talk to her that way. Exciting that I can use it on the phone too! (although I have limited data now. :\) Niecy is still trying to figure out video chatting, but you can tell she’s starting to get it.

  5. Linda says:

    Thanks for posting all those photos. My favorite one was of your dad with Niecey on his lap. What a loving expression on his face and Niecey is clearly enjoying the ride.

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