Sewing: Girl and Boy Onesie Set


I recently completed another sewing project. My friend Nell is expecting triplets – two girls and a boy! I wanted to make something special for her baby shower. When I saw this “Easiest Onesie Dress Ever!” tutorial on Pinterest, I knew it was the ticket. Since Nell is a proud Auburn alumna, I decided her team colors would be perfect for the skirts. (Bama fans, you have permission to avert your eyes. :))

I completed the onesie dresses in one evening, and enjoyed myself, but learned two important things:

1. Gerber onesies from Target run really small, so get a size up if you want the item to be worn at a specific time/age.

2. To make a onesie dress wearable for longer, you should sew in an elastic waistband. The tutorial did not mention this. I only found a brief suggestion of it in the comments, after my mom informed me that I should have put one in. Apparently a “real” sewist would instinctively know this, but I’m an amateur, and I didn’t want to start over and possibly be unable to do it right a second time. The dresses will still work.

After more Pinterest research, I decided to make a matching tie onesie for the boy. Ironically, this simple applique job was more difficult than making the dresses. I struggled with this necktie tutorial for a while, then tried this one. I just couldn’t get the “knot” onto the collar of the onesie without jamming my sewing machine and creating a huge mess, and the interfacing confused me. In desperation, the night before the baby shower, I cut out a basic bow tie shape and sewed it onto one of my spare onesies. It looked cute, but the edges started fraying almost immediately. I decided the whole gift would have to wait until I could finish it right. So, the next week, I whipped out this basic bow tie in five minutes! Definitely the way to go in the future.


Since I had extra time and fabric, I also made a couple of burp cloths from this tutorial. It was really easy! I’d definitely make these again. I had already bought flannel backing for cloths, so I didn’t use a towel like she did, but that would make it even more convenient.

I think Nell really liked the outfits, and I hope the babies like them too! :) Looking forward to meeting you, A, B, and C!

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4 Responses to Sewing: Girl and Boy Onesie Set

  1. Alyssa says:

    This is SO CUTE!!! They came out so so good!! Oh my goodness triplets.. what a blessing :)

    ps. war eagle ;)

  2. Nell says:

    Love, love, love these so much!! You are so talented, and you know me too well. Hopefully, we can instill a love for Auburn in these three, even when times are tough (See this year’s Iron Bowl). Can’t wait to put them on A,B, and C during football season!

  3. bluiis says:

    I’m glad you finally found an easy tutorial. They’re adorable. :)

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