New Flooring Reveal

In my six-plus years of residence in my house, I’ve made a LOT of improvements. But one big project has remained. After stressing about the beat-up, cat-destroyed carpet for several years, I decided to use my tax refund to get new flooring. (My philosophy is, if it’s something I would have to do before listing my house, better to do it ASAP and enjoy it myself.) I also wanted to replace the kitchen/dining linoleum with tile, but figured I’d get to that later. However, when the flooring guy came to take measurements, my dad suggested I have him measure the kitchen too. The quote he gave me was reasonable and my parents generously offered to help with the expense. So I was able to have ALL the flooring done in one swoop!

The work was done last week, and the house isn’t fully back to normal yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer to post Before and Afters. So here they are in all their imperfect glory!
















Laminate: Bella Cera Hacienda Collection in Hickory
Ceramic Tile: Mohawk Mirador Tile in Cameo Beige
Flooring Provider and Installer: Flooring Solutions (VERY pleased with their work)
Quarter Round Baseboard Installer: My dad
Photobombing Cat: Gandalf

There’s still work to do. I need to get a living room rug and some other things, plus this remodel has kickstarted a huge spring-cleaning and refreshing expedition. Also, one plank in the living room has done a weird popping-up thing. The workers came to look at it this morning, and apparently it’s a product quality issue, so caveat emptor. In order to replace it, they’ll have to re-do a big section of the room. *facepalm* Hopefully it won’t be a huge deal.

In any case, I’m SO happy and feel like I have a whole new house!

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10 Responses to New Flooring Reveal

  1. Sarah says:

    Looks great! It’s funny how just changing one aspect of something can bring new life into it!

  2. sarah says:

    It looks absolutely wonderful!! :D

  3. Erin Perry says:

    It is beautiful! I love all the different ways that Gandalf pops up, too!

  4. Holly says:

    It looks great!!

  5. R says:

    How wonderful. I love the updates to your home. You must, too! God bless.

  6. Milissa says:

    Awesome! :) Don’t you just love it when you make a home improvement that makes you *love* being at home. It looks so nice…def somewhere you would be comfy and want to hang out.

  7. rubybastille says:

    Oh, it looks great! Your house is beautiful! I love that white shelf over the mantel, too.

    Also, does this mean your cat is named Gandalf? Because that’s awesome and now I’m even happier that I nominated you for a Sunshine Award:

  8. whitt_amy says:

    It looks great; congratulations!

  9. The floors look so good – and I’m sure they look even better in person!

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