Anthem Tour

Hanson - Anthem Tour 9/11/13

Last night I went to my fourth Hanson concert. No, I’m not ashamed. IT WAS AWESOME. I’ve been a fan since my senior year of high school, when my sister and I had Middle of Nowhere on repeat. Since then they’ve gone indie and released five more albums and who knows how many B-sides and EPs. When people laugh that Hanson began and ended with MMMbop, it just shows that they haven’t paid attention. The overall musicianship of these brothers is amazing. They’ve been playing together as a band almost their entire lives, and it shows. They even did an instrument round-robin in the middle of the show – how many groups can do that? Did I mention that they also fundraise for wells in Africa and created their own craft beer called MMMHops?

Hanson - Anthem Tour 9/11/13

My friend Hillary was game to go with me even though she’s not a huge fan. I warned her ahead of time that I would be acting extremely uncool during the show. Now that she’s seen me in the Hanson Zone and still wants to be friends, I feel that we’ve advanced to a new level. ♥ But I did miss my sister, and my friend Bethany, both of whom would have been acting a fool and singing every word along with me.

Hanson - Anthem Tour 9/11/13

Taylor is considered the heartthrob, but Isaac (the oldest brother) has always been my favorite. And now I have this fantastic picture of him looking RIGHT AT ME. I may have swooned a little. But just a little because all of them are married and have lots of kids. ;)

Each of my Hanson experiences has been a little different. For some reason, the nostalgia was especially strong at this show. I felt like I’d re-lived the past 15 years of my life, remembering where I used to listen to these songs and what was going on at the time. From walking around the U of M campus listening to “A Minute Without You” on a Discman, to car-dancing in my 2013 Elantra to “Get The Girl Back”… we’ve all come a long way.

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  1. So glad we ran into yall!! It was a blast! If you have any other good pics will you email them to me? Mine didn’t turn out so great…thanks!

  2. Oh how fun! That’s how I am with the Indigo Girls.

    Just hopping over for a visit since we both linked up to Kelly’s Korner today.


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