No Spend November


I took this picture of my To Be Read pile last week. This stack has accumulated on the floor by my nightstand for over a year, and obviously doesn’t include the epic number of unread e-books on my Kindle. A few of these were books I had to have immediately and forgot about just as quickly. When I bought four shiny new releases, I had to reorganize the pile. Hello, wake-up call.

Then I saw Paige‘s post about No Spend November. To participate, you commit to stop spending money in a certain area for the entire month. I’m a moderator, not an abstainer, and I don’t respond well to no-whatever months. But I couldn’t ignore the timing of this challenge (and could definitely stand to save a few bucks). So I’ve decided to stop buying books, physical or e-, during November. In fact, I also plan to stop requesting Netgalleys and even going to the library, because I really need to make headway with the books I already have. I’m so easily distracted by whatever’s new and interesting.

This isn’t a self-inflicted punishment, but a way to help me focus and clear some space. I admit I’ll probably make an exception for great Black Friday deals… but Black Friday is the second-to-last day of the month, so I think it’s okay!

Link up with A Dose of Paige if you want to participate too! Everyone will be checking in mid-month.

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6 Responses to No Spend November

  1. Keely Quinn says:

    Welcome aboard! Best of luck to you! Looks like you’ll be able to stay busy, I may have to take a closer look at that picture to pick out some new reads. I’m currently reading a book by John Green (YA is my weakness). It’s wonderful! I can’t wait to hear about your progress this month!

  2. Erin Perry says:

    I had to take a break from Booksneeze and other books it was keeping from reading what I wanted to read. I just requested a couple and now I need to read them.

  3. Sarah says:

    What a great idea! I’m incapable. My TBR pile is actually an entire bookcase. In fact, it’s not just a bookcase, it’s also a stack of library books next to the bookcase and a stack of galleys and books I have that don’t fit on the bookcase. It’s a little ridiculous. Some of them I’ve had for years.

    I spy a few in your stack that you need to read ASAP. Especially Code Name Verity! It’s a must-read!! :D

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