GameDay in Memphis

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On Saturday, ESPN GameDay came to Memphis. It was a big deal for us to be a stop on their 11-city tour. I didn’t go to the Forum at 6:30 AM (!!!) for the taping, but the other fans looked pretty good on TV! At least I got a picture in front of the bus (taken by my friend Janet, who went with me to the game).

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The game against Gonzaga (#23 vs. #24) was at 8:00. When we showed up, the atmosphere was already electric. I hadn’t seen the Forum so full and loud since the last time we played Louisville at home. Several former Tigers were in attendance, as well as the Tennessee governor and first lady… and the Travelocity gnome (who seemed to enjoy his visit!).

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The GameDay anchors prepping for the broadcast on the floor. Note the bodyguard on the left. What were they expecting to happen? :P

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During halftime, there was a reunion of the 1973 Tigers, aka The Other Tiger Squad To Go To The National Championship. Some were represented by their families. It was cool! I’d say I can’t wait for the future reunion of the 2008 team, but that’s unlikely since the NCAA vacated the entire season. Glad we have these guys though.

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The game itself was pretty ugly. In the second half, we trailed by as many as 12 points. With several minutes to go, I was already starting to sink into depression. Another loss, on a national stage, at the end of a huge day-long celebration of Tiger basketball. I couldn’t believe it. Then this happened:

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And just like that, it was a whole new game and Memphis came back to win 60-54, AND THERE WAS MUCH JUBILATION.

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I couldn’t stop WOOing, and basically wanted to hug everyone I saw and tell them I loved them. (Who needs booze??) The losses that come with being in a decent conference are rough, but after this game it all felt worth it. Bring on March!

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  1. Carol says:

    Yay, Tigers!! Also, you got a great picture of the game. I can’t take pictures of Jill’s games; they come out too blurry.

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