Ice Storm

Yesterday was a snow day! Or, more accurately, an ice day. On Sunday, we had torrential thunderstorms all afternoon and evening. By the time it started turning to freezing rain and sleet, every school within a 60-mile radius had already closed for the next day. In the morning, I awoke to my radio alarm saying we were under a state of emergency. I went to the window, saw ice coating everything, and went back to bed for another half hour because I definitely wasn’t going anywhere.

My company only closes in the event of a power outage (sigh), but fortunately I have a work laptop and can occasionally work from home. I’ve brought my computer home every time we’ve had a winter weather threat. This was only the second time I’ve needed it! And I did need it – just as I started feeling a little guilty for not trying to go in, a truck spun out right in front of my house. Validation.

Any sort of extended snow is unusual in Memphis. Not only did we have light snow showers all day, but they were also sun snow showers. I’d never seen anything like that – it was so beautiful!

I’d also never seen budding trees encased in ice. Also beautiful in a tragic sort of way. I’m glad my bulbs had only ventured a tiny bit above ground.

Afternoon brought some serious icicle action.

I’d say surely this must be the end of our winter, but the way things are going, I’m not making any declarations until April 15!

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  1. I have one of those Monday too! I turned on the news right as the traffic guy said, “If you don’t have to go out, please don’t. Look at all these wrecks.” I was NOT getting out in that.

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