Easter Weekend

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I hope everyone had a happy Easter weekend! Mine was full of beautiful spring weather, delicious food, and good times. I was even visited by my own personal Easter bunny, who appears to be living under my shed (though I haven’t seen him since I mowed the lawn on Saturday).

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My brother came from Indiana for the weekend! He and my parents went with me to my church’s annual Easter Eve concert and picnic at the Levitt Shell. The Shell is a big deal in Memphis – Elvis performed the first rock and roll show there. This year’s Easter Eve featured artist was my friend Myla Smith! She and her band totally rocked our faces off, and I was so happy to be present for this milestone in her career. (The live album will be available soon!)

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On Easter morning, I went to my parents’ church so we could all be together. My mom and I didn’t match intentionally! (My dress was a lucky Old Navy clearance find – you may see a lot of it in the coming weeks.)

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Instead of getting a traditional ham, my family let me plan and cook the Easter meal for the four of us! I made a mustard-crusted pork roast in a shallot gravy (one of my favorite special-occasion dishes), with a side of sweet potatoes and carrots in a balsamic pineapple glaze. My dad added green beans, and we also had a spinach dip platter that I’d made for the Shell the day before and then brilliantly left in the refrigerator at my parents’. I was really pleased by how everything turned out!

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Dessert was lemon icebox angel food cake. It was really refreshing and easy to make. Most of us had two slices.

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Among the things my family does for fun: shoot bows. My mom just got her own ladies’ bow, and I wanted to see if it would work for me. My past attempts at using men’s bows haven’t gone well, but I took to this one right away and got good shots on my first try! I was excited. I’m not interested in killing any animals, but archery is a good skill that I’d like to practice more. You never know when you might be forced into battle in a treacherous arena, or whatever.

Anyway, I know it’s cliche, but Easter time really refreshes me spiritually. I feel close to Jesus and so thankful that He is who He is, and that He conquered death so spring could arrive for all of us, and someday winter will never come again. He is risen!

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3 Responses to Easter Weekend

  1. Carol says:

    I’d love to learn archery. Jill got to do a bit of it at camp a few years ago and she still talks about it!!

  2. I want to learn archery too. For, you know, the zombies.

    I’m glad you had such a great Easter. It really is an awesome time for rejuvenation, isn’t it?

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