The Realness Revelation


I’ve been looking for a new spring and summer purse. Although most of the bags I own are well worn, they’re still functional, so I haven’t wanted to spend a lot. Yesterday evening I stopped by TJ Maxx and browsed through the purse section. Finding nothing good under triple digits (!), I was on my way out when I spotted a pretty coral bag of just the right size and structure. The tag said $16.99! Done. Just to cover all my bases, I quickly looked through the rest of the rack. Another purse that caught my eye turned out to be a duplicate of the one I was holding. That’s it, I thought, I need to buy this purse.

But something made me pause. I examined the bag a little more closely and noticed how flimsy it was. The material was very lightweight, some threads were poking out, and I could tell the lining would rip at its first contact with a key. The bag would fall apart in no time, and then I’d be back here, on another search for a replacement for something I liked that hadn’t lasted. Suddenly I felt tired. I’m always compromising in the name of sensibility and a good bargain, but in the long run, it usually means more work and trouble. Sure, I could buy this purse and have a bright new accessory for Easter. I could be satisfied right now. But I knew it would be a temporary satisfaction. I put the purse back on its hook, and left.

I didn’t realize until that moment how weary I am of disposable things. I’d rather not invest myself in them anymore, even if they truly make me happy in the short term. I’d rather hold out for what lasts, even if it requires more of me and the wait is long. I’m tired of disposable clothing, disposable conversations, disposable relationships. It’s time to make peace with preferring quality in a quantity world. There’s a place for fun and frivolity, but I don’t want to make my home there. I want to be able to rely on things that are enduring and real.

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6 Responses to The Realness Revelation

  1. Carol says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. You have grown so much as a person over the years I’ve known you.

    Btw, the purse at the top of this post is absolutely adorable!

  2. Tomboy B. says:


    And definitely keep checking out TJ Maxx for something of better quality. I have an awesome coral convertible cross-body I got there last year, but it’s Fossil and leather and was like $50 and it will last a long time!

  3. kate schell says:

    YES. My cute-but-flimsy bags are falling apart, too, and I’ve been having the same thoughts while browsing for a replacement. I’m done living for bargains instead of investments.

  4. A. Sparkle says:

    Awesome post! I too have been where you are and in craving things of substance.. It really does show up in all aspects of life.. No longer do you wish to be friends with ppl just for the sake of saying you have a lot of friends or like you said buying something for a short lived satisfaction. Even though it goes against the grain, it feels so much better when you’re being true to yourself and what you want out of life!

  5. I absolutely love this post. Down with disposable! Long live sustainable!

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