What I’m Into: May 2014

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General Highlights:

Memphis is the place to be in May! I went to the Peabody Hotel for a high tea and a rooftop party. After missing it for the last few years, I went to the Sunset Symphony with a huge group of friends, and we barely made it back to our cars before a huge storm hit. Good times! My community concert band had lots of shows on the books, and I played two, one a Memorial Day show at the National Cemetery.

My sister found out this month that she’s having another girl! I really thought I felt neutral about the gender, but when Debra called me at work to tell me the news, I was blindsided by a huge wave of joy and almost started crying at my desk. A nephew would have been wonderful too, but I’m so happy that Niecy will have a sister. A new generation of hermanas. Niece #2 already has a name, but I have to figure out what I’m going to call her here!


Read and Reading:

Book list will post tomorrow, but I unintentionally read TWO YA novels about the last summer of someone’s life, back-to-back. If I’m not careful, I’ll be reading Lurlene McDaniel soon.



X-Men: Days of Future Past was crazy awesome. Also, I finally saw the Veronica Mars movie last weekend – Myla and I vowed to wait until we had time to watch it together. (I’m so impressed neither of us caved.) The movie was everything I hoped it would be. THANK YOU to Rob Thomas, the cast, and Marshmallows everywhere. And may I say, Jason Dohring looks better now than he did ten years ago, if that’s even possible.

I just discovered Tornado Alley: Real Time Tornado on the Weather Channel. It’s on-the-scene footage of major tornadoes cobbled together in a chronological format, with present-day narration from the witnesses. So basically, Brenda Crack.

Oh, and the finale of The Mindy Project was PERFECTION. Best show on TV.



I’ve hit it off with a lot of music this month. My top spins were Nico and Vinz’ empowering summer jam “Am I Wrong,” the new NEEDTOBREATHE album Rivers In The Wasteland, and Johnnyswim’s “Diamonds,” which randomly came up on iTunes Radio and which I immediately purchased and listened to 50 more times. I definitely want to check out their other stuff.


My cousin showed me this cool video of Tesla coils playing “Sail” by AWOLNation.



My “team” at work had a very belated Admin Professionals’ Day lunch at Hog & Hominy. It was my first meal there and it definitely lived up to the hype! The BBQ shrimp and grits were good enough to make me consider slapping my mama. In non-hipster food news, Logan’s Roadhouse has a new mango tea in a mason jar that’s out of this world. It cost $6 and probably had like a thousand calories, but I didn’t even care. I need another one soon.


I hosted another clothing swap at my house last weekend. Despite inviting about 40 people, I had the same group of five as last time, but we had fun and most of us left with something new. Between the swap and the stack of $4 Loft tees I found at Half of Half, I’m set for basic tops for the summer!



My garden still isn’t in the ground (this will be my latest planting ever), but I bought my herbs and veggies last week! They’re happily mingling in a wheelbarrow until I can settle them in, hopefully this weekend.


Random Happiness:

• One of my best friends, Caroline, found out this week that she’s having a boy! So I get a “nephew” after all. Also, my college roommate Kathy gave birth to her fourth child and first girl – actually she was born at the end of April, but I met her in May and I hadn’t acknowledged her here yet!

• Three years ago, I planted a Karl Rosenfield (I always want to call it Karl Lagerfeld) peony. It bloomed for the first time on Cinco de Mayo. I need these visible reminders that hope and patience eventually pay off.

• My cottontailed friend continues to visit my yard!

• In a flash of inspiration, I volunteered to do some social media and PR for the community band (follow us on Twitter!). It’s a win-win. I get to help the band and gain social media management experience, and hopefully more people will start coming out for our concerts.

• I’ve felt especially loved and cared for by my friends this month. There have been healing and bonding moments in friendships that have drifted for a while. I’ve been working through some stuff – nothing major has happened, it’s mostly been in my head as usual – and my friends have been so supportive, encouraging, and hopeful with me. God knew I needed a reminder that I can lean on people. I might write more about this soon.


I went to north Alabama for Niecy’s birthday party, but have otherwise stayed local. I was starting to think about planning a fun trip, but this week I had to pay for a new car windshield (thanks so much, ubiquitous road construction).

On The Blog:

I wrote a two-part series about online dating: my experience and my objections. After reading the millionth Christian-singles blog post about how we have to keep trying it even though it’s awful, I could no longer contain the “BULL CRAP” that had been rising up in me for years.

I also did my monthly OneWord 365 update and talked about how all women are cultivators of life.

Posts I Loved:

• Abernathy Bland paints a three-story mural: I don’t know when I stood up. But I finally did.

• Shauna Niequist: LESS. (Aside: can I please spend my summers at a lake house too?)

• Sarah Siders: God Is Where You Left Him

• Claire deBoer guesting at Little Did She Know: Bridge

• Amber Wackford: Unlearning

• Amy at The Messy Middle: The Warning Light on the Dashboard of Your Heart

• Maybe I’m Amazed: Life as a Not-Yet-Mommy

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14 Responses to What I’m Into: May 2014

  1. Sheesh, you had a busy month!

    Cute dress in the first picture!

  2. reilert79 says:

    Ok I want to hear more about the clothing swap and what it entails!

  3. Carol says:

    I love your dress at the top! Where did you get it?

  4. Leigh Kramer says:

    High tea at the Peabody sounds like it would be amazing. I agree: Jason Dohring is even hotter now. I used to do clothing swaps with friends back home a couple of times a year. Such fun!

  5. I loved the Veronica Mars movie too! It was just what I wanted it to be.

  6. Hey, thanks for the blog love! :) Your May sounds awesome. I’m looking forward to reading your post(s) on friendship/self-discovery…should you ever choose to write them. *hint, hint* :)

  7. LOVED the Mindy Project finale – I’ve been pouting for weeks about the show and when the finale ended my husband was like, “Are you better now?” lol Also really loved The Veronica Mars movie!

  8. Hey I’m so flattered that you liked my post about motherhood! I’m excited to read around your blog! It looks great!

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