On Them Indiana Nights

Last weekend my parents and I went to Evansville to see my brother! He’s lived there for three years now. Most of my visits have been in winter, which is a shame, because Indiana summers are delightful. When we arrived at his house, the weather was so pleasant that I would have done cartwheels all over his front lawn if I could.

ohio river

Kevin actually lives in Newburgh, a historic small town on the Ohio River. The river walk is a short drive from his house.


eville 06-14 for blog (3)

We always make the most of the surprisingly great Evansville food scene. This time we hit up Turoni’s for pizza, Kanpai for sushi and trendiness, a Mexican place with a pond and bird sanctuary in the back, and a random ice cream stand with $2 cones and turtle sundaes. My dad, conoisseur of the basic vanilla cone, was thrilled.

eville 06-14 for blog (6)

Kevin is a lifelong archer and now works in the industry, so we usually have some target practice. My aim and form are getting better! Okay, I shot a few into the fence at first, but there were no injuries.


See, my dad wasn’t worried.

pops eville

We also shot some hoops and played a round of Putt-Putt. My mom and I tied to win by one stroke.

eville 06-14 for blog (7)

It was a great way to spend Father’s Day weekend!

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