Family Holiday in Review

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Is it too late to post about the holidays? Well, too bad if it is, I’m doing it anyway. #rebel

My holidays were wonderful. Miraculously, I was able to take time off from Christmas Eve to January 2. My brother and I had a nice long visit, since he arrived on Christmas Adam and stayed for the duration, but my sister, BIL, and nieces didn’t arrive till the 29th, at which point we officially had Christmas all together. My days settled into a comfortable pattern. I’d get up around 8:00, make coffee, write and compute for an hour or two, then head over to my parents’ and be with my family the rest of the day. Normally when I’m off work for that long, I’m all about maximizing the time and Getting Things Done. This time, I didn’t even try. I didn’t have to make a lot of decisions or worry about anything, and it was just what my worn-out self needed. After just a few days, I felt like I could think clearly for the first time in a long time.


Everyone enjoyed Christmas dinner.


Fifoo had so many gifts to unwrap, she changed outfits three times during the process and had to be cajoled to finish opening presents. She just wanted to play with her new play-kitchen stand mixer (not pictured), which was of course the first thing she opened.


I LOVED my gifts from Debra and Lance – a Gryffindor Quidditch Captain T-shirt (yes I’m holding a broom) and a very true tote bag.

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Kevin saw this print on my Etsy favorites list and decoupaged it onto some wood planks. He also made a really cool cross for my mom out of reclaimed wood and thin rebar. So creative!!


A Very Tennessee Christmas: in our eternal preparedness for the zombie apocalypse and/or Red Dawn, we all received ammo and went to the range together one afternoon to keep our shooting sharp. “They messed with the wrong family,” INDEED.

Fifoo got a little quality time with Peach.


We all went to Zoo Lights – I’d never been – and had a great time despite temperatures in the 20s.

me and my favorite shadow


And of course there was down time with the nieces! Fifoo is two and a half and Baby E is three months. It’s a fun time.

For New Year’s Eve, I broke away from the fam and Went Out for the first time in I can’t remember how long. I went to a party at the Madison Hotel with a group of friends. It was less swanky than advertised and I probably wouldn’t pay that much to go again, but we still danced and had fun, and I was happy to do something different!

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More importantly, after midnight we snuck up to the Madison rooftop – my favorite view in Memphis. Up there, the freezing cold actually felt refreshing. It was a great way to start a new year, one that I hope will be REALLY new and different in exciting ways from the ones before. Here’s to a happy 2015 for all of us!

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  1. It sounds like you had a really great time with your family. And you got some really awesome gifts!

    And no, it’s definitely NOT too late to write about the holidays!

  2. Carol says:

    I loved reading this!! I feel so behind in your life, it was nice to catch up a bit. :)

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