Snowmageddon 2015

We’ve had several ice and freezing rain events in Memphis this winter, but on Wednesday night, we finally got a few inches of snow (on top of an inch or so of sleet). I know you Northerners are already laughing at me, but Memphis hadn’t had more than an inch of snow since December 2011, so this was a big, exciting deal!

It was an especially pretty snow, light and fluffy.

This was the view down the middle of my street at about 9 am before I settled in to work (thankfully I have a laptop and the option of working from home in these situations). So I couldn’t go four-wheeling, build a snowman, or sled down my driveway, but I worked at my dining table so I could enjoy the snowy view. It was a luxury to have time to make myself a real breakfast, too.

memsnow 030515 forblog (5)

And of course I popped out into the yard a couple of times.

memsnow 030515 forblog (7)

In the afternoon, the sun came out, but the snow remained. If we had snow on the ground all winter, making everything look crisp and clean and the sunlight brighter, I’d probably find winter more bearable.

memsnow 030515 forblog (8)

I had high hopes of spotting my yard rabbit in the snow – I saw him at the bird feeder about a month ago, so I know he’s still living under my shed. If he ventured out, I didn’t witness it, but I’m pretty sure I saw his tracks! (And several others’. The size of some animal tracks close to my back door was a little alarming. Maybe a stray cat?)

The rest of the wildlife was out and about, though.

Toward the end of the day, I found Peach purposefully having a moment of summer. So I joined her.

memsnow 030515 forblog (15)

This morning as I opened the blinds, I noticed a beautiful full moonset in the west. I threw on my boots and a coat and ran out to look at it in my pajamas. Crunching through the snow in the early light made me feel like I was at a ski resort instead of in my own neighborhood.

memsnow 030515 forblog (14)

If winter is smart, it’ll leave now on a high note!

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3 Responses to Snowmageddon 2015

  1. That looks so pretty. And those moon photos are lovely.

    If it only snowed on the lawns and on the hillsides, I’d love it. But no, it has to go and stick to the streets and driveways and cars too. Blah.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So pretty! And I don’t laugh. Ice is no joke, and people down south are usually ill-prepared to deal with more than a dusting of snow. I know there a places in AL or GA that got eight inches in one snowfall. That’s a lot, even up here! I’m glad you got to take a snow day (even if you did have to work). :)

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