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Every November, Hollywood Housewife hosts a linkup called One Day, in which everyone posts the minutiae of their regular day that normally go undocumented. I’ve learned that these are the kinds of things you look back on and see how much in your life has changed (or not). While One Day is meant to happen on Instagram throughout the day, I prefer to post it all here as a photoessay of sorts.

Previous One Days: 2013 and 2014.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

oneday2015 (1)

6:00 am: Alarm goes off. Spend 15 more minutes in bed catching up on social media and having my first cuddle of the day with Rufus.


oneday2015 (2)

6:45 am: Most mornings, I do a short toning video from my exercise playlist. Other times I do a few halfhearted arm exercises and then flop onto the floor.

7:00 am: How the sausage is made.


oneday2015 (3)

7:20 am: Breakfast today is some granola with Craisins in it. (Spoiler alert: I was starving by 10:30.)


oneday2015 (4)

7:40 am: Leave for work. My commute is easy now, for which I thank God every single day. The highlight of my drive is the crossing guard at the Campus School, who smiles and waves at each of us every morning and just exudes joy. He’s the embodiment of doing the task appointed to you with all your heart. I want to note this even though I couldn’t take a picture of him while driving through a school zone.

8:00 am: Arrive at work.


oneday2015 (5)

8:05 am: My oasis of calm in the midst of (mild) chaos.


oneday2015 (6)

9:00 am: Departmental meeting.

10:30 am: SAD is already starting to hit me after only a week, so I’m firing up the sun lamp. Also trying a new tea!


oneday2015 (7)

12:40 pm: I try to have a quiet lunch out with a book at least once a week. Today I’m at Lenny’s with Sarah Bessey’s latest (which is amazing) when some big Grizzlies news breaks:


oneday2015 (8)

(WHAT IS HAPPENING with the Grizz?!? Ugh.)


oneday2015 (9)

3:00 pm: I guess I should appear in my own day at some point, so here’s an #OOTD!


oneday2015 (10)

5:10 pm: Leave work. We have a lot of pine trees around the office, and I always have a strong urge to gather the pine cones I find, like they’re stray animals in need of loving homes. I left this one, though, because the last one I picked up lived pointlessly in my car cup holder for months. Godspeed, little pine cone.


oneday2015 (11)

5:30 pm: Home! I made this wreath. It’s my favorite.


oneday2015 (12)

6:00 pm: Omelets are my default dinner choice when I’m pressed for time (or energy). I almost never burn them anymore! :D

6:30 pm: I bought this over-the-sink wine rack not long after I moved in, and it proved more complicated than it appeared. My dad installed it for me last weekend. It makes me happy to look at it!


oneday2015 (13)

7:00 pm: Weekly yoga class! I’ve been taking yoga from Paula for eight years. She works at multiple locations, so when I moved to Midtown, I just switched to the class nearest to my new place. Paula is a great teacher and friend and I love her. After class, we talked for so long, I helped her lock up.


oneday2015 (14)

8:30 pm: Predictably with the cooler nights, my low tire pressure light came on, so I have to air up on the way home. One of the tires is so low, I don’t know how the car is rolling. It ends up taking three rounds of quarters. After that I hit the library drive-through to return Drew Barrymore’s new memoir, Wildflower (loved it). The Bartlett library was great, but I’m really happy to have the main library as my nerd home base.


oneday2015 (15)

8:45 pm: Home again. Here’s my little mudroom area. My mom gave me this pretty dish that I use for keys. My friends Kathy and Kelsey talked me into getting this purse right before I went to Iceland, and I’m so glad they did. It’s just what I needed.


oneday2015 (16)

8:55 pm: Oh yes I did. Also, I often get Facebook messages like this from my mom, and I’m at a point in life where I actually appreciate them. I’ve stopped taking for granted having a good relationship with my mom who loves me and is around. Besides, I’m a naturally cheesy person.


oneday2015 (17)

10:00 pm: Manicure and Mindy! Someday I’ll have an actual chest of drawers in my room that’s wide and low enough to set the TV on properly (and hide the cords).


oneday2015 (18)

11:00 pm: That took a little longer than expected. But now, goodnight!

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  1. I’m terribly behind on my blog reading, so I’m just now reading this post. It was such a fun look at your day! I need to do one of these.

    And Rufus is so cute!

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