What I’m Into: July


General Highlights:

July 2016: 95 degrees outside, 65 degrees inside. Daily thunderstorms, political conventions, unrest all over the world, and Pokemon everywhere you look.


The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I used to throw a big party every year, but these days I’d rather just enjoy it without the work and stress. Matt and I went to a party at Wes’s apartment and then a bunch of us went to the Redbirds game. Instead of my usual flag cake, I branched out into a no-bake cheesecake (I say it counts as flag-ish since it had artfully arranged berries on top).


My friends Carol and Taylor got married. It was a good time with the whole friend group!




After hearing lots of advance praise around the blogosphere, I pre-ordered Bromleigh McClenaghan’s Good Christian Sex and found it encouraging and refreshing. Christian culture desperately needs a more nuanced, realistic discussion about this topic, and I’m thankful to Bromleigh for starting it.

I also read another installment of Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series, and made a special library run for the final 5th Wave book, The Last Star.




Stranger Things on Netflix hooked me right from the trailer. I’m not much of a binge-watcher, but at only eight episodes, this show is a reasonable time commitment and very enjoyable. It’s like if Stephen King wrote Super 8.




My mom and I spontaneously decided to see Weird Al Yankovic on his Mandatory Fun Tour! I’ve loved Weird Al since I was a kid, but had never been to one of his shows. He played for over two hours and changed costumes so many times I lost count. The expected Kurt Cobain impression and Star Wars finale were great, but my favorite part was during “Wanna B Ur Lovr” when he came out into the audience in a flame-printed suit and hit on a bunch of ladies. HILARIOUS.



Around Town:

A few months ago I raised some money for Operation Broken Silence, a local organization of filmmakers raising awareness about the war in Sudan. Last weekend was their annual fundraiser, Good People Good Beer. Ashley went with me and we had a great time!

I also went to a beer class at Wiseacre, focusing on their newest beer, Lord Skylark. It’s a pale ale with Earl Grey tea and I liked it a lot!


I’ve been spending a lot of time at Loflin Yard, which is basically a big backyard downtown with live music, hula hoops for anyone’s use, and amazing food and drinks. It’s especially great on a Sunday evening. Once I rode my bike there!


The college dorm I lived in for three happy years is being torn down. I went over to pay my last respects, assuming they were going to implode it. Apparently it’s too close to other buildings for a safe implosion, so they’re taking it down very slowly with one wrecking ball. It’s a terrible slow death for my former home. I only hope they’re saving some bricks for alumni!




I’ve been loving this Shea Moisture water mint shampoo for a while now. It feels especially amazing after sweating in the heat. When I ran out of conditioner this month, I decided to try one of the new Garnier Whole Blends conditioners. This coconut oil kind has made my hair a lot sleeker without weighing it down, and it’s cheaper than anything else I’ve used recently. Thumbs up!



Random Happiness:

Matt recently earned a plate at Flying Saucer, which meant a party and dramatic unveiling of the plate! It was a fun night. You have to drink 200 different beers to get there, so we’ll be having my plate party in about five years.


As a longtime ambassador of McAlister’s tea, I couldn’t miss Free Tea Day. My mom went to two different locations and snagged this shirt for me!

It’s so hot, I can’t run more than a mile outside anymore without feeling sick. It really started to mess with my head, which is NO GOOD in running. I decided trying to force it was doing more harm than good, and I should focus on something else for a while. A great yoga studio near my house ran a special over Fourth of July weekend, and I splurged on a three-month membership! I’ve been going to at least two classes a week and already feel stronger. Enhanced tone and flexibility will only help me when I start training again in the fall. I think it’s helping my mental health too.

My all-time favorite former Tiger, D.J. Stephens, was signed to the Grizzlies last week after three years of busting it overseas and in D-leagues! I’ve been waiting for this since he graduated, and was so happy I started dancing (silently) in my cubicle and texting people in all caps. He’s earned this and I really hope he gets a good shot.


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On The Blog:

I wrote extensively about my PRK eye surgery – the prep and surgery, and the recovery. If anyone is considering PRK and has more questions, let me know! I read A LOT of personal accounts when preparing for the surgery and want to pass that on. I have officially measured 20/20 one month out, so I’m thrilled with my results.


Posts I Loved:

Some months I struggle to find enough posts for this category, but I deeply relate to and/or salute every one of these!

♥ Two of the best posts I read about current events in our country: Michelle Alexander at Medium: Something more is required of us now. What? and, from my friend Bethany, There Are No Words.

♥ Melanie Dale at The Mudroom: Your Marriage Doesn’t Have to Look Like Anyone Else’s.

♥ Ask Polly: Am I Too Needy to Love?

♥ Samantha Field: What Does It Take to Be a Christian?

♥ Tina Muir: Being an Athlete vs. Being a Skinny Girl Who Runs. I’m not sure how I came across Tina Muir, but I appreciate her so much!

♥ Katie Elizabeth Hawkes: You Don’t Know Your Story Yet

♥ Suzanne Falter: 10 Sure Signs of Growth

♥ Allison Arnone: You’ve Changed

♥ And, not applicable to me in any way, but purely enjoyable: Design Mom: A Perfect Day in Paris with Kids


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  1. rhoffnagle says:

    I think you’re the 4th person to recommend Stranger Things! I’d never heard of it before, but have to check it out now : ) I’m hoping to get my hands on The Last Star too. Did you think the series wrapped up well?

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