What I’m Into: November 2017

Main Events:

For me, November is historically a powerful month of life-changing events. This November was no exception, and this time the event is positive: I’m leaving my job of 16 years to take another paralegal position at another large company here in Memphis! This decision had many factors, but they all boil down to Needing A Change. I started as a temp here when I was 21 years old. Many of my co-workers are living out their entire careers here, but while that’s impressive, it’s not what I want for myself. Like the nautilus tattooed on my heel, I need to move into a new chamber with room to grow. I need to have an adventure and learn new things, and I’m excited and hopeful about this opportunity! I’m also thankful to be taking a short break before I start my new gig in mid-December. I might have more reflections about all this at a later date. Tomorrow is my last day, and I feel a little like I’m about to graduate from high school.

Taylor’s birthday fell on a Saturday. We watched the Tigers clinch the conference division in the afternoon, and got lower level seats for Grizzlies vs. Rockets in the evening, so it was a good day and I was happy to spend it with him. ♥ (The Tigers finished the season 10-1 and play for the conference championship, and probably the Peach Bowl, on Saturday! I NEVER thought Tiger football would become the lone success and stability in Memphis sports, but here we are.)

For the first time in about a decade, my whole family was together for Thanksgiving, at my brother and SIL’s beautiful home in Arkansas. We’ve added some people since our last family photos, so we took advantage of the opportunity for a portrait session!

We also took advantage of the togetherness by throwing my parents a surprise vow renewal! Their 40th anniversary was last December, and they’d talked about celebrating with a vow renewal, but never got around to it. Several weeks ago, I was telling my sister about going to Taylor’s parents’ 40th anniversary dinner (what are the odds of two sets of parents married this long?) and mentioned they’d had a vow renewal. We decided it was dumb that our parents never had one, and within 48 hours, Debra had coordinated the whole thing. We told my parents about it after Thanksgiving dinner and had the little ceremony the following afternoon. Debra had ordered a dress for our mom that fit perfectly, Kevin had gotten my dad to bring a suit, and everyone had a role in the ceremony. The weather and the river location were beautiful. It was pretty great, and they were very happy. I know how lucky I am to have such an example.



Most of my reading took place at the beginning of the month, so the November count is better than I thought. These books were all moderately enjoyable. I’m excited that a biographical novel of L.M. Montgomery exists, but wow, did she have a harsh life (like many women of her time). And this story only goes up to her late teens.



My favorite current show, The Mindy Project, ended this month. I wasn’t ready for it to be over, but it was a good ending with some satisfying plot bookends. I love Mindy Kaling and can’t wait to see what she does next.


Around Town:

Taylor and I attended an Indie Memphis screening of short films about the female Grizzlies fan experience. It was cool!

My mom and Ashley joined me for one of my favorite annual traditions, Nut ReMix starring Memphis native Lil Buck. PS, Ashley moved into my neighborhood this month, close enough to walk between our houses!! GOOD TIMES AHEAD.

I run the St. Jude half-marathon on Saturday! As I’ve said throughout my training, I’d love to PR this race, but I’m not pinning much on it. My current half PR is a 12:16 mile, and all my long runs so far have been around 12:45 (ugh). But I’ve been flying on my short runs. Either way, I fought hard for this one and will be proud of myself. And it’s all for the kids.

Fall has come late to Memphis, and I find a new showstopping tree every day. I had to pull over to look at this one!


(Wish I Was) Wearing:

Last Christmas I loved this holly dress from eShakti (left), but decided it was too indulgent to spend $50 on a dress I could only wear in December. I’ve had a year to regret that decision and now it’s no longer available. If anyone sees something similar, please alert me. Randomly, clockwise, some other dresses I would love to be wearing this holiday season: J. Crew // Target // Free People // Banana Republic


Your Monthly Rufus:

My friend Kelsey gave me this cat bed that her cat had lost interest in. Rufus loves it!


Quote of the Month:

Center Stage FTW. Always.


On The Blog:

I participated in Laura Tremaine’s #OneWordHH for the fifth year!


Good Reads:

♥ Bailey Steger: The Truth About Spiritual Compatibility

♥ Brianne Kohl at Catapult: Men Stop Me Running

♥ Mary Laura Philpott in the Paris Review: The Case for Seasonal Sentimentality

♥ Gabrielle Moss at Bustle: I Tried To Become A Psychic & It Was More Revealing Than Therapy

♥ Hannah Brencher: Single For the Season

♥ Heather Caliri at She Loves: I Hated My Church’s Small Groups. And Then I Returned.

♥ Kelle Hampton: Let’s Talk About Drinking: Alcohol Mindfulness

♥ Jody Casella: Dispatches From a Broken World

♥ Kelly Delp: We Said It Enough


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2 Responses to What I’m Into: November 2017

  1. Heather T says:

    I so look forward to these monthly updates! I enjoy hearing what’s going on in your world, the fashion and beauty tips are much appreciated, and the articles are often spot-on to what I’ve been reading/questioning/thinking about. Thanks for the glimpse into your world.

  2. Sophia says:

    Man! November flew by. Beautiful pics of you and your family. Congrats to your parents!

    And congrats on your new gig! I’m sure you’ll excel. Enjoy your break!

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