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A Sign of Life

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The One Word 365 site has a search feature for other people and bloggers who share your word. One fellow “Alive Tribe” member I’ve connected with is Kelly Youngblood. In the first post I read on her blog, she shared … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Separated

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  Dear Divorcing Woman, I’m sorry to be writing these words to you. You probably feel alone right now, but you’re not. You just joined an invisible sisterhood that’s bigger than you ever imagined. The abandoned, the abused, the serially … Continue reading

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Four Novembers

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I thought it might be time to tell the full story of November 2009, the month that changed my everything forever. I’ve never talked much about the details, but I have enough distance from it now to know that it’s … Continue reading

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Three Years

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Today is my third… me-iversary. Three years ago, my ex-husband walked out and my life as an independent woman began. I probably won’t call attention to this date again on this blog, but three strikes me as a complete number. … Continue reading

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On Your Own Terms

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My name change has finally gone through at work. I didn’t want to announce anything until my e-mail and other accounts had been changed (a slow and painful process, thanks to outsourcing). Now I have a new name plate, a … Continue reading

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Declaration of Independence

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Yesterday I reclaimed my maiden name. I had a lot of well-thought-out reasons for keeping my ex’s last name after my divorce. Most of them were related to authenticity and convenience and had nothing to do with him. I stick … Continue reading

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The whole 11/11 thing was fun, but I’m glad to see November go. More than any other month, November is packed with marriage-related dates and emotional landmines for me. Compared to how I felt last year, this year was barely a blip … Continue reading

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One Year

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It’s been one year today since my ex-husband left and effectively ended our marriage. Divorce is a horrible, soul-rending experience, and I never would have chosen it. But through it all, God has been right there with me and has … Continue reading

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Waiting is our destiny. We cannot bring about what we hope for, so we wait, we wait in darkness for a flame we cannot light. We wait in fear for a happy ending we cannot write. We wait for a … Continue reading

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Divorce Survival Tips

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My divorce was final on September 9. The papers arrived in the mail about a week later… an anxious week of waiting, because I knew it had been around 60 days since the filing. (We didn’t have to go to … Continue reading

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