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My First Half-Marathon

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Completing my first half-marathon on May 28, 2016 was one of the proudest accomplishments of my adult life! As a runner, I’ve progressed at a ridiculously slow pace. I had zero running ability as a kid, and couldn’t even run laps in marching … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rising Strong by Brene Brown

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A year or so ago, I wrote about my role models. That list holds strong and true. But if I rewrote it today, Dr. Brené Brown would be at the top. I’m going to Houston next month (her home base), … Continue reading

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Do What You Do, Be What You Are

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Milestone: I no longer feel weird calling myself a writer. Even out loud. To strangers. Even when they follow up with, “Oh, what do you write?” and my response is “I have a blog” (though I can now add “…and … Continue reading

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Running Forward

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For most of my life, I couldn’t run without feeling like I was suffocating. National fitness tests, field days, and laps at practices were a nightmare for me. Even during my marching years, I walked most of our daily required … Continue reading

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The Heart Is A Muscle

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At the beginning of every marching band season in high school, we had to stand at attention a lot. Sometimes for more than an hour at a time. Standing perfectly still holding up an instrument doesn’t sound strenuous, but after … Continue reading

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Ask, Seek, Knock, Live

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About a month ago, I was on the phone with my brother as we both drove to work. He wanted my opinion on a slightly crazy idea he had. “I think it would be fun,” I told him, “and I … Continue reading

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My Role Models

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Lately I’ve been thinking more deliberately about my role models. It’s important to have heroes among your friends, family, and acquaintances, and I do. But you also need larger-than-life role models to keep you focused on who you are and … Continue reading

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This Is A Call

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Recently, someone asked a group I was in about our callings. Calling, Vocation, however you want to define it, has always weighed heavily on me. I’m still figuring out what I believe about it. Like most people, I would prefer … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Separated

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  Dear Divorcing Woman, I’m sorry to be writing these words to you. You probably feel alone right now, but you’re not. You just joined an invisible sisterhood that’s bigger than you ever imagined. The abandoned, the abused, the serially … Continue reading

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Four Novembers

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I thought it might be time to tell the full story of November 2009, the month that changed my everything forever. I’ve never talked much about the details, but I have enough distance from it now to know that it’s … Continue reading

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