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My First Half-Marathon

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Completing my first half-marathon on May 28, 2016 was one of the proudest accomplishments of my adult life! As a runner, I’ve progressed at a ridiculously slow pace. I had zero running ability as a kid, and couldn’t even run laps in marching … Continue reading

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Running Forward

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For most of my life, I couldn’t run without feeling like I was suffocating. National fitness tests, field days, and laps at practices were a nightmare for me. Even during my marching years, I walked most of our daily required … Continue reading

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Birthday Week of Awesome

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I have been away from this blog, kicking off 35 with a BANG. Last Thursday, Hillary and I went to the Peabody rooftop to see Ingram Hill, a local band that’s had some national success. I’ve been a fan since … Continue reading

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What I’m Into: June 2014

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General Highlights: We had the second-rainiest June on record, which led to a lot of rainbows! I celebrated 25 years of living in Memphis. My BFF Alanna and I did a fun photo shoot around town. Everything else is covered … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

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  For six years, I’ve been taking yoga once or twice a week at the community center near my house. The center is an old elementary school, and we have class in the “stage room.” My instructor, Paula, and I … Continue reading

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Life Lately 11/20

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To be honest, I am Just Not Feeling It this week. Despite the beautiful fall trees, I feel exhausted and bummed. Part of it is some bleah circumstances, part of it is just November (which is historically not a happy … Continue reading

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Life Lately 8/26

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I try to keep “My Weekend” posts to a minimum here, but this one was pretty cool! When I was in seventh grade, I met a girl named Carissa and we became fast friends. Together we went to some of … Continue reading

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Some Reasons Why I Love Sports

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In my sophomore year of college, my roommates, Kathy and Emily, and I made a decision to start having school spirit. By our definition, that meant learning about football and basketball and starting to attend games. I had no idea … Continue reading

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Life Lately 11/8

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It’s been a crazy few weeks, I’ve been going nonstop, and blog brainstorming hasn’t been high on the priority list. So much is going on that I have to skip events in order to get any rest. By last Sunday night, … Continue reading

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Life Lately 8/28

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(source) The past week or so has been rough for my family. My paternal grandmother is in ICU in Texas having a lot of complications from a bypass surgery. She’s stable for the moment, but every time they patch one … Continue reading

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