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Enough Alone

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I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day regardless of my relationship status. None of my coupled Valentine’s Days were particularly stellar, so I almost prefer the freedom of being unattached on the Day of Love. There’s no pressure or expectations either on … Continue reading

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

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In September 2012, my friend Alanna texted me that she was thinking of signing up for Christian Mingle. Despite the freshness of a terrible experience with eHarmony and my disdain for Christian Mingle specifically, I encouraged her to go for … Continue reading

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Love Is Worth It

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One of my friends recently ended a long, undefined relationship. Although it was terribly painful, she says she doesn’t regret it or consider the relationship a waste, because of how she changed and what she learned through loving this person. … Continue reading

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Seeing, Knowing, Loving

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Last week, while sitting in church, I had one of those realizations of an obvious truth that I hadn’t found an internal framework for. I’ve been thinking more than usual about relationships and community, and this is what dawned on me: People want … Continue reading

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Playlist: Cartoon Hearts Mix

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In keeping with the season, February’s Playlist of the Month is full of love songs. Specifically, love songs that make cartoon hearts hover over my head. Some are old, some are new. I could have gone with an anti-Valentine theme, but I always enjoy Valentine’s … Continue reading

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My Favorite Movie, and Marrying Your Best Friend

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I find it almost impossible to settle on one “favorite” anything. But if asked to name only one favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally is usually my choice. Like some others I’ve mentioned, this movie is so embedded in the … Continue reading

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My Favorite Movies: Walk The Line

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Walk The Line, the biopic about Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, deserved every Oscar it won. Although it has upsetting and disturbing elements (as real life often does), it’s a fantastic story of redemption that happens to include some … Continue reading

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My Favorite (Fictional) Weddings

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(Photo from the Christian Science Monitor) I set an alarm for the royal wedding this morning (or should I say middle of the night?), but when the time came, I was just too sleepy. So I’ll watch the recording tonight! … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

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I’ve always felt that Valentine’s Day is not solely about romance, but about showing love to everyone you love. Maybe this is why my first Valentine’s Day as a divorced person isn’t upsetting me. I have a LOT of love … Continue reading

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