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Peach, Like the Fruit

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In the summer of 2005, I had one cat, Gandalf. I loved him dearly, but wished he were a little more affectionate and a little less aggressive. When I visited my then-in-laws with my then-husband of less than a year, … Continue reading

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Elegy For A Black Cat

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In the fall of 2002, my then-boss took in a stray, pregnant cat. When the four kittens were born, she offered one to me and Kathy, my roommate of five years. I’d never had a cat before, or any pet … Continue reading

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Elvis and Me: A Birthday/Death Week Retrospective

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I was born on the second anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. This fact wouldn’t be super notable if I didn’t live in Memphis, the Elvis Capital of the Universe. Every year, during my birthday week, thousands flock to Memphis from … Continue reading

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The Tale of Boca Chita

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Today over at A Peek at Karen’s World, I’m sharing one of my family’s favorite funny stories. It all happened in August 2008, when we got caught in a storm while boating and had to take refuge on the mysterious … Continue reading

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TotalSocial Linkup: Firsts

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Venus Trapped in Mars is doing a TotalSocial linkup today, and the topic is Firsts. My originally planned post has been delayed, and this seemed like fun, so I thought hey, why not? Plus, Karen‘s doing it. :) First movie … Continue reading

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Four Novembers

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I thought it might be time to tell the full story of November 2009, the month that changed my everything forever. I’ve never talked much about the details, but I have enough distance from it now to know that it’s … Continue reading

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My Teenage European Vacation

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I’m low on blogging ideas this week, so I checked out some daily prompts at The Daily Post. Today’s topic is the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home. Well, the furthest I’ve ever traveled was to Europe in the summer … Continue reading

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Jewelry Stories: Jubilee Medal

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As I’ve mentioned before, my two best friends/roommates from college are Catholic. Back then, I went to Mass and worship services with them fairly often. So I was well aware of the Great Jubilee inĀ 2000 (which was our junior/senior year … Continue reading

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Jewelry Stories: Diamond Earrings

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Shortly before my sister started dating her now-husband, she went through a rough patch with her singleness. Nothing was working out for her relationship-wise, and she felt understandably discouraged. Although I was married at the time, I’d never forgotten how … Continue reading

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Jewelry Stories: My Hope Ring

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My favorite thing about jewelry is its history and meaning. Even when you buy it for yourself, it’s often to celebrate an occasion. In this new series, I’ll tell the stories of some of my most meaningful jewelry! The logical … Continue reading

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