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My First Half-Marathon

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Completing my first half-marathon on May 28, 2016 was one of the proudest accomplishments of my adult life! As a runner, I’ve progressed at a ridiculously slow pace. I had zero running ability as a kid, and couldn’t even run laps in marching … Continue reading

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Last Saturday in Memphis

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It was a historic day for my beloved alma mater…     Attendance at the Liberty Bowl: 60,241. WE ARE WINNING.     Final score: 37-24, Tigers. 6-0. 13th straight win. !!! Downtown at the Memphis Music Hall of Fame … Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend

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I had a great birthday weekend! My birthday won’t be over the weekend again for a while, so I wanted to make the most of it. On Friday night, my friend Sara and I hung out by the river and … Continue reading

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Moving On: The Unexpected

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My house has been on the market about six weeks. Up until last weekend, I’d had a lot of showings and two offers (which I know is fantastic for such a short time), but nothing had panned out. Meanwhile, the … Continue reading

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Triple Threat Birthday at Mollie Fontaine Lounge

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Two of my close friends, Alanna and Hillary, have birthdays the same week as mine. This year we turned 29, 30, and 35, respectively, so we decided a triple birthday celebration was a must! Of the three of us, Hillary … Continue reading

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Birthday Week of Awesome

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I have been away from this blog, kicking off 35 with a BANG. Last Thursday, Hillary and I went to the Peabody rooftop to see Ingram Hill, a local band that’s had some national success. I’ve been a fan since … Continue reading

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Elvis and Me: A Birthday/Death Week Retrospective

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I was born on the second anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. This fact wouldn’t be super notable if I didn’t live in Memphis, the Elvis Capital of the Universe. Every year, during my birthday week, thousands flock to Memphis from … Continue reading

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Summer Second-Half Bucket List

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I can’t believe this summer is more than halfway over, and there are still so many things I want to do. Even as I try to convince myself all fun, spontaneity, and possibility will not end with the summer, I … Continue reading

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Memphis Mural Summer Solstice Photo Shoot

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Months ago, one of my best friends, Alanna, noticed a new Memphis Tigers mural and wanted to take some pictures of me there. I loved the idea, but we never followed through with it until last Saturday, the night of … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities

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On June 18, 1989, my family drove our moving van across the Tennessee state line. I was nine years old and had lived in Miami all my life, the oldest child of two other Florida natives. Previously, they had only … Continue reading

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