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Monday Musings: Frozen

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  Last weekend I finally saw Frozen. I absolutely loved it. If you’re unaware of the plot, Frozen is about two sisters, Elsa and Anna, who are princesses. Elsa’s (unexplained) powers over snow and ice turn dangerous when she accidentally strikes … Continue reading

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Highly Anticipated

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On a light note and inspired by the bounty of coming-attractions lists out there, here’s a handy schedule of the books, movies, and music I’m most looking forward to in 2014! Hopefully some of them are on your calendar too, … Continue reading

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What Tiger Eyes Taught Me About Community

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  Last weekend, the movie adaptation of Tiger Eyes aired on TV. Tiger Eyes has always been my favorite Judy Blume book. It’s about Davey, a Jersey girl whose father is shot and killed one summer night. After the funeral, … Continue reading

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Life Lately 8/26

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I try to keep “My Weekend” posts to a minimum here, but this one was pretty cool! When I was in seventh grade, I met a girl named Carissa and we became fast friends. Together we went to some of … Continue reading

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Favorite Things Friday

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I used to do this as Wild On Wednesday. I’m trying to form a regular (ish) blog schedule – bear with me! Anyway, here are some things I’m loving lately. A few weeks ago I bought a Blu-Ray player. After … Continue reading

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Valentine Recap

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I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day yesterday. Mine was great! Honestly, being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t bother me. I see it as a fun day to celebrate love and express love in general, and I have plenty … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn

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This weekend I saw both Skyfall and Breaking Dawn Part 2! Both movies were awesome in different ways, and I felt compelled to say something about the latter. I’ll admit that I loved Twilight in the beginning. I’ve read all … Continue reading

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Wild on Wednesday

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Happy August – my birthday month! Here are the things I’m wild about right now (besides my new car): Bunheads on ABC Family. I am CRAZY for this show about a dancer and former Vegas showgirl who finds herself helping … Continue reading

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When You Think It’s All Over

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Over the past couple of months, I’ve felt less and less optimistic about my future. In my post-divorce life, I’ve ardently believed that good things can happen – that God has big plans to redeem all that I’ve lost. In … Continue reading

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Life Lately 3/27

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♦ My sister started baby-sitting for a family here in Memphis when she was thirteen. Over the years they’ve become very close, so the boys’ mom threw Debra a baby shower on Saturday. The party had a duck theme and … Continue reading

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