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Peach, Like the Fruit

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In the summer of 2005, I had one cat, Gandalf. I loved him dearly, but wished he were a little more affectionate and a little less aggressive. When I visited my then-in-laws with my then-husband of less than a year, … Continue reading

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Enough, Seriously

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For the past month, I’ve watched countless walkers, bikers, and runners stream by my gate in my new neighborhood, but haven’t had time to join them. This week, I needed to check on the hours of a business up the … Continue reading

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Enough Alone

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I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day regardless of my relationship status. None of my coupled Valentine’s Days were particularly stellar, so I almost prefer the freedom of being unattached on the Day of Love. There’s no pressure or expectations either on … Continue reading

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What Burnout Looks Like

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A couple of months ago, I thought I was depressed. I was living under a soul-deep exhaustion I hadn’t felt in years, the kind where an unbidden I am so tired echoes in your brain constantly. I’d experienced a lot … Continue reading

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One Word 2015: Enough

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Two years ago, I stopped attempting to do New Year’s resolutions and hopped on the One Word 365 train. The idea is that you choose one word to guide you throughout the year, and however that plays out in your … Continue reading

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