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My PRK Experience: Part 2

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Recently I wrote about my experience preparing for and going through PRK vision surgery. Here’s the story of the aftermath and how my eyes are doing now!   The Recovery In the three months between my consult and my surgery, I read … Continue reading

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Thankful for the Arts

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I don’t really keep thankfulness lists, at Thanksgiving or any other time, but last weekend I realized something I’m thankful for that’s off the beaten path. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to appreciate and participate in the arts all my … Continue reading

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People Sometimes Stay

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For me, and I think for most people, one of the worst things about singleness is the pervasive sense of alienation. We may have happy, active social lives, but when everyone goes home and the house is quiet, we don’t … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

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  For six years, I’ve been taking yoga once or twice a week at the community center near my house. The center is an old elementary school, and we have class in the “stage room.” My instructor, Paula, and I … Continue reading

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Garden Update – June

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My vegetable garden is OUT OF CONTROL! Every evening, when I go out to look at it, I still feel stunned. I love to talk about my garden. A few of my co-workers are now calling me Farmer Brenda and … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

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Me and my dad, 1979 I know how fortunate I am to have a great relationship with my dad. So many people my age (including some of my friends) have already lost their fathers, or are estranged from them for … Continue reading

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The Problem With Thankfulness

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Although I have as many pet sins and personal issues as everyone else, thankfulness has never been among my struggles. I believe that God made me with a genuinely thankful heart. Noticing and thanking Him and others for life’s blessings, big … Continue reading

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Last weekend a bluebird visited my backyard! I see plenty of mourning doves, robins, sparrows, and the occasional cardinal or blue jay at the bird feeder. But a bluebird is a rare and happy sight. I immediately grabbed my new … Continue reading

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His Eye Is On The Gato

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At this time last week, I was waiting for the results of another test on my mysteriously sick cat. After months of digestive problems, Peach weighed six pounds. The vet had already ruled out the main cat diseases – diabetes, … Continue reading

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Week In Review

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 Imagine Dragons – I was so inspired, I made this myself from my own photo  This has been a rough week, so in an effort to counteract, I’m going to list a few positive things that have happened: … Continue reading

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