Life List


This list of things I want to accomplish was established in January 2014 and is updated regularly!


Dine at the following Memphis restaurants: Alchemy, Automatic Slim’s, Bari, Hog and Hominy, Little Tea Shop, Restaurant Iris, Sweet Grass, Tart

Participate in a Dishcrawl

Swing dance at the Rumba Room

Pick berries at a local farm

Places to Go

Visit the states I haven’t been to yet: Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Attend a Miami Dolphins game as a family during my dad’s lifetime

Go to the Final Four, preferably to see the Tigers play

Visit Napa Valley and the Monterey/Carmel area

Take a Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria

Take an L.M. Montgomery tour in Prince Edward Island

Go on a whale watching cruise on which I actually see whales

See New York City at Christmas

See the Midnight Sun in Norway

Go to Greece with my sister

General international travel: Australia, New Zealand, Botswana and/or South Africa, the UK, Italy

See the aurora borealis

Things to Do

Marry an amazing man who loves God and knows and loves me for who I am

Become a mother or find another positive outlet for maternal instincts

Learn to consistently feel satisfied in God and trust that He is satisfied with me

Attend the Festival of Faith and Writing

Run a 5K without stopping 8/16/2014

Run a 15K

Run a half-marathon

Participate in a flash mob

Be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

Write and finish a novel

Get published in Entertainment Weekly even if it’s only a letter to the editor

Work for/with my alma mater in some capacity

Learn to play the oboe

Judge a marching band competition

Buy a CSA share

Do a mini-triathlon

Attempt snow skiing again 2/14/2015

Earn another degree

4 Responses to Life List

  1. Sarah says:

    … Now I want to do a life list on my blog.

  2. says:

    I did the salzburg Sound of music tour!!! What i thrill! we sang “The hills are alive” in the bus on the way to see the church they got married in!

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